Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hitting the trail with Trail Maven's 'Chief Maven'

Sasha Cox is a seasoned outdoors woman who knows a thing or two about cooking outside.  When leading groups of women on her Trail Maven excursions Sasha is in charge of teaching her crew the art of cooking in the backcountry.  This is no easy feat, especially since many of her clients are urban women with limited outdoor cooking experience.  Spending time with an expert like Sasha is inspiring because she knows what it takes to make great food with limited supplies.

Although this recipe is Sasha's favorite backpacking meal, we chose to prepare it in a campground.  The location where we filmed this episode was drought stricken with fire bans outside designated camping areas.  Even small propane stoves can ignite a fire, so we chose to be safe and do our cooking on a camp bench.  While watching this episode you might notice bees buzzing around each shot.  The campsite was filled with bees, and there was nothing we could do to avoid them.  This episode is a perfect example of overcoming the challenges of cooking in the outdoors and making a wonderful meal despite the limitations!

Follow the link to Adventure Dining Guide's site for Sasha's Nutty Veggie Couscous recipe:

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